***To support efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, I now conduct all sessions virtually.  If you are a current client who has not signed a “Telehealth Statement of Understanding” form, please visit  http://ravitaokafor.com/TelehealthSOU.pdf to do so. ***

There are times we all desire healing.  For those who seek relief from burdensome thoughts, feelings, and habits and have decided to work toward change, Ravita is available to assist them in the journey.  Tailoring interventions according to each client’s history, presentation, and needs, Ravita facilitates care to help clients achieve their goals.  

Ravita T. Omabu Okafor, MSW, LCSW, Adult/Child Counselor, Trainer, & Consultant, practices psychotherapy with children, adolescents, and adults through her private practice in Knightdale, NC.  Her specialties include depression, anxiety, couples counseling, children/family issues, cognitive behavioral therapy, and sexual abuse treatment.  

Having 22 years of professional counseling and consultation experience, Ravita creates specialized training and consultation to mental health providers, other professionals, schools, universities, and businesses on various ethics and mental health topics.

As Chair of NASW-NC’s Chapter Ethics Committee and an Editorial Board member for the Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, Ravita provides free ethical consultation to NASW-NC members, presents seminars on ethics-related topics, networks with other NASW chapters, collaborates with agencies and regulatory bodies to advocate for the social work profession, facilitates Chapter Ethics Committee meetings, submits columns for the NASW-NC newsletter, and reviews manuscripts for publication.

Offering weekday and weekend hours, Ravita believes that counseling should enhance lives instead of create stress.  These hours allow adults to maintain work schedules and children to maintain school attendance.  If you would like to schedule an appointment, call Ravita at 919-266-4646 or send an email to ravitaok@ravitaokafor.com.